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První mezinárodní den pracovních RTW - 22. října 2005

22 OCT 2005

Info:   http://users.skynet.be/hexental/VLPV.html

  • Demo\\\'s of some of the BEST working Rottweilers- and trainers worldwide !
  • Demo\\\'s of the most important Dogsport-disciplines in West-Europe such as IPO, SCHUTZHUND, KNPV(DUTCH RING), MONDIORING, BELGIAN RING, FRENCH RING, POLICEDOG and "old-style"ZTP. All demonstrated by top-performing Rottweilers, their trainers and their Helpers.
  • Demo of the latest training-techniques and training-equipment.
  • Training-tips given by some of the best Rottweiler-trainers/Helpers in the world.
  • Protection Tounament: Election of the "Hardest Hitting Rottweiler", everybody can compete with his dog, no matter what discipline or trial-level.
  • Professional Photographs will be made by Mrs Olga Becker (GB) during the event.
  • Bring your dogs with you !!!

Begin Demonstrations at 9h00.

IPO: Dieter Blancke (B) & Yanos v Heimat Dior  (Worlchampion IFR2004 IPO3 and 2 times representive for Belgium on the IFR Worlchampionships IPO3).

Bjorn Van Meirvenne (B) & Zyon vt Singelberg  (Winner "International Piet Hein Trophy 2005" and 2 times representive for Belgium on the IFR Worldchampionships IPO3).

SCHH/VPG: Rene & Marion Kuelzer (D) & Fighter v Hammerbachtal  (Former ADRK President and his first lady).

Jos De Smet & Tasso v Orter Kreuz  (competitor of Belgian Nationals and selections for the IFR2005 Worldchampionships IPO3).

Bart Temmerman (B) & Benno v Schloss Hexental  (upcoming top-competing prospect).


Nabil Bouzidi (F) & Niko des Gardiens D\\\'Athis

(the best Mondioring Rottweiler ever, selected for the French Nationals All Breeds MR3).

KNPV: Jeroen Van De Ven (NL) & Baldur v Schloss Hexental
(top scoring KNPV dog)

Josee Vleugel (NL) & Celatian\\\'s Coollio "Cujo"

Piet Broekhuizen (NL) & Ferro vd Runderkraal.

Belgian Ring: Yurri De Meulemeester (B) & Uran du Detroit Lancaster
(top scoring upcoming B-Ring dog)

French Ring:

Nabil Bouzidi (F) & Niko des Gardiens D\\\'Athis  (best F. Ringsport- Rottweiler ever)

Mickael Fauvel (F) & Ulka du Domaine Plain Champs (top female prospect)

ZTP: Guy Verschatse (B) & Bodo v Schloss Hexental

Protection Tournament at +/- 15h30 "Election Hardest Hitting Rottweiler".

Everybody can compete ! Inscriptions on the day himself.

Bring your dogs with you !!!

No Working-Rottweiler-Enthusiast may miss this unique event !

This Event is made to SUPPORT the Working-Rottweiler-lovers, don\\\'t give up ! This event will show you that it\\\'s possible ! Tell your friends !

"Nederzwalm" (East-Flanders, Belgium) is about 1 hour from Brussels, 1 hour from Ostend and 1 hour from Lille (F).  The biggest town near Nederzwalm is "Oudenaarde". 

For info:
http://www.zwalm.be/g_menu_CE01_11.html Roadmap.

Hotels, B&B, Campings.

Catalog with lot\\\'s of information about the different sports, the Rottweilers, their owners and the Helpers will be available in 3 languages.

This unique event is supported by:

Village of Zwalm

For all information contact : hexental@skynet.be